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Staff Members

Tel:+886-2-2732-1104 Ext.82231
Email : sianya@tea.ntue.edu.tw
■ Duites:

►Supervise the operations of Division of Publications & Publicity.

►Organize editorial committee meetings for the 《Journal of Educational Practice and Research》


■ Deputy:

1.Wen-Hsiang Lei #82234
2.Lei-May Yin  #82214
Tel+886-2-2732-1104 Ext.82234
Email : c3830754001@mail.ntue.edu.tw

►Implement the program on Bilingual education for students in college, BEST at the Academic Affairs Office.

►Management for school advertisement affairs, including the official Facebook  page and YouTube channel.

►Maintenance of the Division of Publications & Publicity's website (both in Chinese and English).

►Scheduling of work-study students and handling work-study stipend disbursement matters.

1.Sian-Ya Wang  #82231
2.Lei-May Yin  #82214
Tel:+886-2-2732-1104 Ext.82214
Email : milk1015@tea.ntue.edu.tw
■ Duites

►Sending calls for submissions for publications and handling the mailing distribution after publication.

►Manage the procurement, inventory, budget execution, and assets of t Division of Publications & Publicity.

►Conduct solicitation, revision, proofreading, editing, and publication of 《National Taipei University of Education Newsletter》.

►APA proofreading for《Journal of Educational Practice and Research》.

►Handle external calls for submissions for official documents.

■ Deputy
1.Wen-Hsiang Lei #82234
2.Yu-Ting Hsu  #82232
Tel:+886-2-2732-1104 Ext.82232
Email : aquafish3333@mail.ntue.edu.tw
■ Duites
►Mailing out manuscripts for review and compiling review feedback forms.

►Processing reimbursement for review fees.

►APA proofreading for《Journal of Educational  Practice and Research》

►Government publication affairs.

►Journal platform-related affairs.

■ Deputy
1.Lei-May Yin  #82214
2.Sian-Ya Wang  #82231