Asean Human Resources Education Center

Created the ASEAN Human Resources Education Center for the first time, cultivating basic-level talent training bases for Taiwanese businessmen. The ASEAN Human Resources Education Center was established on August 1, 2016. It is the first center related to Southeast Asia established by an university in the country.At the beginning of its establishment, it mostly promoted the language and culture of Southeast Asia, worked hard to cooperate with Taiwanese companies in Southeast Asia, and undertook the Ministry of Education "New Residents Language Teaching Support Personnel Enhancing Special Class Training Program", Cathay Life Charity Foundation's "New Residents and Their Second Generation Excellence Happiness Project", etc., have accumulated rich experience in cooperation in Southeast Asia, and intend to establish a Southeast Asian student exchange garden.At the same time Cultivate our students to expand their international horizons in Southeast Asia. In recent years, it is hoped to integrate academic programs and school resources through The ASEAN Human Resources Education Center. In addition to promoting the international mobility of Southeast Asian talents, it also hopes to become a base for Taiwanese businessmen to cultivate grassroots talents. website.