The directions of Digital Student ID Card Loss-Reporting and applying the new card


Digital Student ID Card Loss Reporting(including card-losen/ broken/ requirement for changing photo):


1.Loging in the Card Loss Reporting website, filling out the form about individual information and printing the application form.

※Website ID is your student id number. The password is the same as iNTUE. If you enter wrong password three times, the ID will be locked for few minutes, please try later.
※Students can make the Card Loss Reporting and print the application form at office A601(Administration Building 6th floor).
※ABOUT REFUND:If you cannot provide the financial account which belong to you due to other reasons, you can choose column ”Refund Notice”. After the easy card company send the NOTICE to you, you can bring the NOTICE and ID-CARD to any MRT counter to get the refund.

2.Using the auto machine to pay the fee(NT.150) at 2nd floor in Administration Building.
3.Bringing the receipt and application form to office A601 to finish the process of applying the new student id card.